Full Service Link Removals

Whole Team of SEO Strategists at your (Full) Service!

Let our team of seasoned link removal specialists take Full Service control of your Remove’em account. They will send out emails to webmasters on a weekly basis to get the unnatural links removed!

We can take over during any step of the process.

Did you already perform a back-link analysis? We can take that data and get started with link removals immediately! Our Full Service option is extremely flexible, and we can take the workload off your plate whenever is most convenient for you and your company.

Save Time and Money!

Giving the work-load to our Full Service team will save you and your company time and money. The worry of a manual penalty or algorithmic action can rest on our team while they analyze and clean up the unnatural back-links to your website.

Weekly Updates

Our Full Service team will send you email updates on a weekly basis to update the progress of your link removal campaign! We can also provide other supplemental reports and even help with reconsideration requests and disavow files.

Get Started with Full Service!

Contact our sales team today to get a price estimate and our team of SEO Strategists can get started with your Full Service account!

Link Removals Made Easy!

Negative SEO? Unnatural Links Penalty? Google’s Penguin got you down? Whatever your problem may be, contact our experts and we can develop a plan to get your website on the road to recovery.

How does Full Service work?

Kick-off Call

A kick-off call is scheduled to discuss some of the history of your website, intentions for the link removal campaign, and an overview of our philosophies and strategy. We also go over the items listed in this link removal questionnaire as part of the initial discovery process. Getting to know our clients and their unique situation is the most important step to the recovery process when dealing with any sort of linking issue.

Whether you have a manual action from Google, been hit by a recent Penguin update, or have fallen victim to negative SEO, your call with one of our lead SEO strategists can help determine a custom strategy to get your website back on the road to success!

Manual Back-Link Analysis

We perform an in-depth back-link analysis utilizing all data available including AHREFS, Majestic, Moz, and Google Search Console. The analysis includes a manual review of your back-link profile to provide a recommendation for all links that you should keep, remove, or change. We then provide consultation to assist you in reaching a final determination of exactly which links should be solicited for removals.

Our tried and true method of unnatural link analysis has gotten every Full Service client clear of their Google penalties. The turn-around time for most back-link analyses is one to two weeks, but if you have millions upon millions of links, it may take a little bit longer!

Link Removal Full Service Work

Webmaster Outreach and Link Removals

You are then provided the option to attempt link removals using the Remove’em platform and/or your own resources, or you can utilize our team of experienced link removers to perform the link removal process on your behalf.

If you choose the latter, our team will use Remove’em, along with other proprietary tools and templates to contact the webmasters with requests for the links to be removed, no-followed, etc. Our team will perform outreach to each webmaster through online, and offline mediums if necessary, in all attempts to get a response and have the link removed. Email, social media, phone calls, and snail-mail have all been utilized to get links removed! You decide which methods you want us to use and the tone of the emails that we send to webmasters.

Weekly Updates for Full Service Clients

You are provided with weekly status reports detailing the progress of your link removal campaign. These are provided in numbered totals of links removed each week and a spreadsheet which includes a plethora of data. This data can include notes made by the Full Service link removal team, number of times a website has been contacted, the date / time a website was contacted, link statuses, and a ton of other information.

Upon completion of the removal campaign, we provide assistance with preparing a reconsideration request and/or submitting a disavow file. Penalty recovery can be a time-consuming process, and we want to make it as easy as possible to get back on the road to recovery.

How much does Full Service cost?

Depending upon the number and type of links, we typically charge $10 per unique linking domain for each successful link removal. We have an initial set-up and analysis fee of $2,000 and upon completion of the analysis, we require a deposit toward the link removal process.

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