Self Service Backlink Removals

Are you interested in performing backlink removals on your own? Here is a step-by-step process (Self Service) by which to use Remove’em to analyze your backlinks, contact the domain owners, remove the unnatural backlinks, and export the results via spreadsheet and disavow file.

Self Service Screenshot Upload Backlinks

Step 1: Remove’em finds backlinks to your site

Type in your domain name and we will obtain the top links to your site from the 3 leading link information providers. You will need to verify ownership of your website through a few different methods, which include using a domain-level email address, adding a METATAG to any website page header section, or adding a file to your site.

Using our proprietary systems, you can easily find all the links that use manipulative anchor text to determine which ones need to be removed. Remove’em will use anchor text matching, TLD analysis and a few other metrics to provide algorithmic suggestions (R-Score) for the volatility of the backlinks.

Step 2: Analyze your backlinks!

Next, you can analyze the each site to determine the validity of the backlinks, and whether or not it should be kept (Good) or contacted for removal (Bad). Our system will add an R-Score to each link, which is the algorithmic link-scoring suggestion mentioned above. The R-score categories are either Danger, Warning, or Review.

Use these metrics and your best judgement to gather a group of sites that need to be contacted to remove unnatural links. Reviewing backlinks can be an arduous task, so please let us know if you would prefer our Full Service Link Removal option.

Self Service Screenshot Analyze Backlinks
Self Service Screenshot Contact Domains to Remove Backlinks

Step 3: Contact webmasters for link removals

Remove’em will crawl each website found with links to your site and look for email addresses and contact forms, which are populated into the tool. We will also use domain-ownership look-up services, such as WhoIs, to find other sources of contact information.

Select one of our many different templates which can communicate a manual penalty to the webmasters, or a template that references Google’s Webmaster Guidelines rather than a penalization. You can also request custom templates for a small fee.

Step 4: Export your results!

You can review your progress in the Remove’em Dashboard (Wrap-Up) which will show the number of links you have removed, R-score pie charts, link status charts, and a ton of other useful information.

Once you are content with the number of links removed, you can export your results via CSV (spreadsheet) which you will then upload to Google Drive. Include a link to the Google Drive spreadsheet in your reconsideration letter when you file the request through Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools) so they can see all the efforts you have undertaken to clean up your backlink profile.

You can also export a disavow file which can also be uploaded directly to your Google Search Console account to negate any link juice coming from any unnatural links that were unable to be removed.

Self Service Screenshot Backlink Removal Graphs and Statistics
Step 5: Post penalty recovery

Now that you are clear of a penalization, there are several different options to help you market your site to the users of search engines. Please be sure to steer clear of any of the strategies listed in Google’s Link Schemes post. We also provide backlink monitoring services that can help keep a “finger on the pulse” of your backlink profile to ensure that any bad or negative backlinks are removed and disavowed promptly. Contact our sales team today to find out more!

Guided Link Removals

We also offer a “guided link removal” option, which leverages our team of experts to perform the heavy lifting and allows your team to do most of the work. This option is perfect for companies with internal staff that simply need some assistance to ensure they are doing the work properly.

Our team helps you assemble the most complete list of your backlinks and provides some guidance on how to conduct your own backlink analysis. You can then confidently use Remove’em to disavow links and perform your own outreach efforts. This assisted link removal is provided as a consultation service and the price generally ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 depending upon the complexity of your backlink profile and your existing knowledge of SEO.

Full Service Link Removals

Simply don’t have the time for doing link removals yourself? We have an option for that, it’s called Full Service Link Removal. Our team of link removal experts will perform all actions related to the removal of potentially damaging back-links. We start with an extensive analysis of your website link profile using both the features of Remove’em as well as cross-referencing historical linking scenarios to provide you with the best possible recommendations for which backlinks to attempt removals or to disavow.

The experts will then reach out to each of the webmasters using our proprietary contact collecting software, past link removal experience and knowledge of the linking community. Our team will also personally handle the reconsideration process and assist with any further reconsideration requests on an as needed basis. We have helped hundreds of clients get back into Google’s good graces so if you are interested in this option please see our Full Service Link Removals page for more details.

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