Backlink Removal Questionnaire

In order to best serve your link removal needs, we will need to ask you some “personal” questions regarding your specific goals and SEO history, as well as have access to other information. What follows is a short list of questions we provide in our Full Service backlink removal questionnaire which we send to our clients.

Penalty Details

  • Are you the owner of the site, or are you working as an agent of this site?
  • Have you received an unnatural links notice from Google via Google Search Console. If so, have you tried disavowing links?
  • Have you sent in a Reconsideration Request? Please be prepared to provide copies and the date(s) of any prior requests.
  • Have you noticed a significant rankings/traffic drop? When did this drop happen? Can you provide a list of the keywords you’ve noticed have lost rankings/traffic?

SEO History

  • Have you worked with any SEO agencies in the past? If so, did these companies build links for you? Are they available to remove any links they built?
  • Can you provide us with any lists/reports of links built by prior SEO companies
  • What types of linkbuilding do you do for your website? (press releases, infographics, directories, comments, social media, link purchasing, guest blog posts, advertorials, etc.)
  • When was the last time you had links developed for your website?

List of Other Domains

  • Provide a list of all domains you own or have administrative control over.
  • Provide a list of all domains that partner with your site, such as affiliates, vendors, clients, good traffic referrers, etc.
  • Provide a list of all domains that you are otherwise affiliated, such as BBB, industry associations, certification sites, etc.

Google Search Console Access

  • Can you grant us access to your Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) account? If not, provide a list of your latest links AND top anchor lists.

Email Access

  • To be most effective at removing backlinks on your behalf, it is best if we have access to a domain-level email address for our link removal team to use during the link removal process.
  • Examples: or are preferred.
  • Backlink removals can be performed without the email access; however, our research has shown up to a 30% higher success rate using domain specific emails as it eliminates any doubt that these are legitimate link removal requests and not a competitor performing a form of negative SEO.

This information is crucial to our being able to effectively remove links on your behalf and assist in obtaining a successful reconsideration request. The answers to this questionnaire are pivotal in assisting your website, whether there is a Penguin penalty, algorithmic issues, or negative SEO.

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