Remove’em: The Reconsideration Request Pros

Has your reconsideration request been repeatedly denied by Google? Our experts can assist you with the process and get you back to high rankings. Since there is no single “silver bullet” method for a successful reconsideration, our high success rate depends on a multi-faceted approach. Let us help you achieve what so many of our clients have already experienced.

Why have my previous requests been denied?

There are a number of possible reasons as to why your previous requests have not been accepted by Google. These include:

  • You have not cleaned up enough unnatural links
  • Google does not think you made enough of an effort to clean the bad links
  • Your disavow file was arranged incorrectly
  • You did not submit using the correct format

Google’s Matt Cutts explains what he expects from a reconsideration request in this video:

How can Remove’em help with my reconsideration request?

In many cases, the reconsideration request will be denied because the penalized site still has too many unnatural links. Remove’em will clean out those bad links. Our job is to leave no doubt for Google that you have tried everything possible to make your backlink profile natural. Remove’em is offered through self-service or full-service options. Our tool will:

  • Find the bad links
  • Leave the good links
  • Find webmasters
  • Request webmasters take down bad links
  • Track the progress of your campaign
  • Export your results and submit a reconsideration process

Take a look at our pricing page and see which option fits best. If you choose to go the full-service route, we look forward to speaking with you about the recovery process. If you feel comfortable with the self-service option, Remove’em has a fantastic support team that can help you with any questions you might have. We are excited to help you get your site back on Google!