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Bad links happen, and when they do, they put your site at risk. With Remove’em, you can take control of your backlink profile through unnatural backlink removal and avoid painful penalties.

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Monitor Backlinks and Recover from a Penguin Penalty or Unnatural Links Penalty.

Depending upon your needs, you can use our easy to manage and affordable Remove'em platform, or if you need a little extra help, we have a team of experts available capable of handling your cleanup from start to finish!


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Using Remove'em, millions of links have been removed resulting in lifted penalties, recovered sites, and happy customers!  We’ve put a lot of thought into our platform, and are constantly working to implement user feedback to make improvements.

How many links do I remove?

Enterprise Level

The only complete link removal solution - including link discovery, link scoring, contact finding, outreach, tracking, disavow formation, and 3rd-party validation. Nothing else compares.

Deep Sources

Automatically get link data from all of the major providers - Moz, Majestic (Open Apps) and AHrefs, or upload your own backlink list from Google Webmaster Tools exports, link vendors, or another sources.


Uncover Bad Links

Machine-learned R-Score integrates automated anchor-text and link feature analysis to create the industry leading model of bad link detection.

Webmaster Outreach

We empower our clients with the largest link removal email address and contact page database. With millions of contact points and powerful automated discovery, we deliver results.

Campaign Tracking

Amazing, industry-leading campaign tracking tools to measure everything from link quality and scoring to contact completion and third party verified reports.

Export Results

Export your progress and results nearly any step of the way. Build powerful disavow lists on the fly or show of your 3rd-party verified results.

Shortlisted for the US Search Awards in Innovation!

Check out this video to see Remove’em in action and why it’s the BEST link removal service!

Click here to read testimonials from several of our clients for even more reasons why you should be using Remove’em for backlink removal and penguin penalty recovery!

Need more reasons to choose Remove’em?

  • All your link data in one location – No more spreadsheets to update!
  • Automatically scores links based upon known quality metrics.
  • Automatically dedupes link lists – No more vlookups and data scrubbing!
  • Easily manage and update a disavow file.
  • Automatically finds contact information – Saves weeks of work!
  • Send emails from within the platform – No more bouncing between spreadsheets and email clients!
  • Emails send through our SMPT relay to improve deliverability and increase responses.
  • Automatically checks link statuses and updates… every night!
  • Quick reporting to view backlink removal progress.
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Find backlinks to website

Discover your Backlinks

The first step in Remove’em saves you time.  Remove’em quickly collects your backlink data from multiple sources, de-dupes the list, and starts assigning quality scores.

Link Penalty Recovery

Ongoing Link Monitoring

Using your subscription, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your website’s back-link profile. We also offer monthly backlink monitoring via Full Service link removals.

Contact Finding and Email Templates

We gather WhoIs data, contact forms, and email addresses found on the website itself, as well as a plethora of templates from which to choose the tone of your link removal emails.

Easy Reporting to Google

Export reports and disavow files so you can quickly file reconsideration requests for unnatural links penalties and recover from Penguin updates.

I have used the Remove’em backlink removal tool for several of my own clients with great success. Many were hit with manual penalties and algorithmic action during various Penguin updates, and using Remove’em, I easily cleaned up my clients’ back-links and got them back into Google’s good graces!

D. Carter

Client Success Specialist, Netsertive

I helped develop Remove’em, and it has helped hundreds of our clients. Link removal has never been this easy!

R. Jones

Principal Search Scientist, Moz

If you had a bad SEO do work for you, check out Remove’em! It will help you determine which links are good and bade, and it gives a work-flow to help with the arduous task of link removal!

J. Bohall

Vice President, Hive Digital

Remove’em is the end-all answer to the unnatural link penalties levied by Google. Backlink removals are made so much easier by this all-in-one penalty recovery tool.

J. Travis

E-Commerce Technical Manager, Charles & Colvard, Ltd.

Link Data

Remove’em pulls your link data from all of the major sources and runs it through proprietary algorithms to help you better determine a good link from a bad link. This flexibility allows you to perform your link audit, make notes, etc. all within our platform so you can manage a disavow file, links to be removed versus kept, etc. We also check the links nightly to determine if they are still live, and report back any status changes such as “removed” “no-followed” “page not found’ which makes backlink removal even easier!

Contact Information

Remove’em is more successful at identifying contact information for webmasters than our competitors. Where most other provides simply pull their data from ICANN, Remove’em pulls the data from Whois information, scrapes the site for emails and contact forms, leverages a private database of millions of webmaster contact data, and the size of our platform has allowed us to begin crowd-sourcing contact information from the 1,000’s of users on our system.

Email Deliverability

With Remove’em, you do not need to provide us with SMTP access to your email servers. We leverage an email service that has white-listed servers to provide our customers with better deliverability of the emails to webmasters. You simply need to verify ownership of the email address for us to allow you to “send as” from within our platform. In addition to providing the ability to email the webmasters, we also provide links to any contact forms we find on their sites, which can be helpful in instances where you are having difficulty getting a response or where email information is not available.


You can easily export all of your Remove’em data into a spreadsheet to submit with any reconsideration requests. In addition, we provide a 3rd party verified report link URL you can include in a reconsideration request to show that Remove’em vouches for the number of backlinks removed, contacted, and disavowed, which can go a long way for proving your good faith effort to Google. You can also easily export a disavow file with the bad links to upload into Google Search Console (formerly Google Webmaster Tools).

Access to Experts

Remove’em is a product developed by Angular Marketing, and was nominated and shortlisted for a US Search Award for Innovation. Angular is a full-service search marketing agency that has been providing SEO and related services since 2001. Remove’em was a product we used internally for many years, and then released to the public immediately after the first launch of Google’s Penguin update. If you find yourself struggling in getting your reconsideration request approved, have questions about whether a link is good vs. bad, our support team is here to help. Once you get through the penalty, we have an entire agency waiting to help you rebuild your authority using techniques that will avoid these types of issues in the future.

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