Remove'em is Loaded with Features!

Check out some of our best features that will help your website perform better in the Post-Penguin Internet environment from a custom disavow file export and spreadsheets for easy reporting to Google, to nightly link checking and a bevy of link data sources to help bolster your link discovery and recovery efforts!

R-Score: Comparative Anchor Text Analysis

R-Score primarily uses anchor text matching and comparison to determine which anchor text phrases are used the most, and in turn, determines which phrases have been over-optimized. Anchor text over-optimization refers to a particular anchor phrase being used an inordinate (unnatural) amount of times to link back to a website.

Google has released various iterations of the Penguin algorithm capable of detecting over-optimization in their own index of websites. Their crawlers index all the links to your site and can compare the anchor text across all of those sites to determine if your back-link profile is natural or unnatural.

Please note, automated link analysis is NOT an end-all for determining which links are good versus bad. The human eye and brain are the most important tools to use when analyzing backlinks to determine relevance, quality, and other metrics that make a link natural or unnatural.

Domain-Level Work-Flow

Utilize our Work-Flow feature to help take control of your own backlink profile. It will guide you through the steps of analyzing the links, determining which ones are Good and Bad at the domain-level, which makes the entire link analysis and link removal process that much easier.

After you have analyzed the links, you can then contact them on a domain-level using the contact information Remove’em has found for your account. You can even integrate your own SMTP information to blast out emails with ease!

Disavow File and Spreadsheet Exports

Remove’em has been setup to make every step of a Penguin penalty recovery that much easier. You can export your own disavow file exports to upload to your Google Search Console account. You are also provided with the ability to download spreadsheets to show to Google the work you have done to lift a manual penalty.

These spreadsheets include contact dates, contact counts, notes, link statuses, R-score, notes, and a ton of other metrics that will go a long way in helping bolster your reconsideration request!

Email Validation

Before your contact email is sent, our third party email validation service will check the email address against a variety of checks to ensure the maximum deliverability of your link removal email.

Multiple Link Data Sources

One of our best features are the integrated APIs from Moz’s Open Site Explorer and AHREFS to ensure that you have the most backlink data as possible. You can also integrate Majestic OpenApps data into your Remove’em account if you have your own Majestic account.

Several Templates To Choose

We have created several different link removal email templates that have been tested rigorously by our Full Service link removal team. You can also message our support team to request custom templates!

Access to Experts

If you ever come to a road-block in the link removal or link analysis process, our experts are here to help you succeed online. Contact our sales team or send our support staff your questions!

Our Mission: Make it easy for webmasters to...

Monitor Backlinks and Recover from a Penguin Penalty or Unnatural Links Penalty.

Depending upon your needs, you can use our easy to manage and affordable Remove'em platform, or if you need a little extra help, we have a team of experts available capable of handling your cleanup from start to finish!


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Nightly Link Checking

Every night, the links in your account will be checked by Remove’em. Our tool will manually crawl the page (URL) that is stored in our system, search the page for the link, anchor text, no-follow attribute, and page status code, and return that to the tool itself to be displayed for you in the Remove’em interface.

Several Different Filters

Several filters to help with sorting your backlink list for an efficient and fast backlink analysis or link removal campaign. Sort your list with these filters, such as domain, anchor text, and IP filters.

You can also use our work-flow to make the process that much easier rather than sorting through hundreds of URLs, you can investigate your backlink profile at a domain-level.

Saves contact dates and other information!

When you send an email, our system automatically records the date, time, and number of times you contacted the webmaster. You can use this data to show Google the work you have done to clean-up your unnatural links when recovering from a manual Penguin penalty.

Questions? Comments? Want us to add some features?

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