Remove'em Professional Backlink Removal Tool

Self Serve Link Removals

Remove'em offers a simple to use link removal service for cleaning up your bad backlink profile. Our Self-Serve option allows you to utilize our link removal platform in identifying and removing any bad links pointing to your site. In addition, it creates a simple to use interface for creating and managing a disavow file and monitoring your progress toward penalty recovery. The platform can also be used as a monitoring tool for a healthy site, to monitor your backlink profile for any negative SEO, so you can quickly disavow and/or remove any new bad links.

How Does Remove'em Work?

Use our 4-step work-flow to help you through the process of analyzing the links to your site and to contact webmasters to remove the aforementioned links. In addition you can view the remove'em video tutorial or read this handy guide for best practices in using your Remove'em account.

Step 1: Remove’em finds links to your site

Type in your domain name and we will obtain the top links to your site from the 3 leading link information providers. Using our proprietary systems, you can easily find all the links that use manipulative anchor text to determine which ones need to be removed. Remove’em will use anchor text matching, TLD analysis and a few other metrics to provide algorithmic suggestions for the volatility of the links.

Add a site to your account.

You can also add links from other sources, such as Google Webmaster Tools’ Latest / Sample Links list, through our CSV upload feature. Here’s our guide on how to obtain those lists of links: Adding Links From Google Webmaster Tools.

Step 2: Analyze the domains to determine if they are Good or Bad

Next, you can analyze the each site to determine the validity of the link, and whether or not it should be kept (Good) or contacted for removal (Bad). Our system will add an “R-Score” to each link, which is the algorithmic suggestion mentioned above. The R-score categories are either Danger, Warning, or Review. Use these metrics and your best judgement to gather a group of sites that need to be contacted to remove unnatural links, which brings you to the next step!

"Review back links to your site.

Step 3: Contact webmasters to request link removals

Remove’em will crawl each website found with links to your site and look for email addresses and contact forms, which are populated into the tool. We will also use domain-ownership look-up services, such as WhoIs, to find other sources of contact information.

Contact webmaster to get your link removed.

With this data in hand, you will have a great starting point at which to request link removals!

Step 4: Export your results and submit reconsideration request

Once you are content with the number of links removed, you can export your results which you will then upload to Google Drive. Include a link to the Google Drive spreadsheet in your reconsideration letter when you file the request through Google Webmaster Tools so they can see all the efforts you have undertaken to clean up your backlink profile.

View sites informational image.

We also provide a disavow file creation tool, link status and R-score charts, and removal graphs through our dashboard view.

Backlink removal dashboard.

Post penalty recovery

Now that you are clear of a penalization, there are several different options to help you market your site to the users of search engines. Please be sure to steer clear of any of the strategies listed in Google’s Link Schemes post.

Guided Link Removals

We also offer a "guided link removal" option, which leverages our team of experts to perform the heavy lifting and allows your team to do most of the work. This option is perfect for companies with internal staff that simply need some assistance to ensure they are doing the work properly.

Our team helps you assemble the most complete list of your backlinks and provides some guidance on how to conduct your own backlink analysis. You can then confidently use Remove'em to disavow links and perform your own outreach efforts. This assisted link removal is provided as a consultation service and the price generally ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 depending upon the complexity of your backlink profile and your existing knowledge of SEO.

Full Service Link Removals

Simply don't have the time for doing link removals yourself? We have an option for that, it's called Full Service Link Removal. Our team of link removal experts will perform all actions related to the removal of potentially damaging back-links. We start with an extensive analysis of your website link profile using both the features of Remove'em as well as cross-referencing historical linking scenarios to provide you with the best possible recommendations for which backlinks to attempt removals or to disavow. The experts will then reach out to each of the webmasters using our proprietary contact collecting software, past link removal experience and knowledge of the linking community. Our team will also personally handle the reconsideration process and assist with any further reconsideration requests on an as needed basis. We have helped hundreds of clients get back into Google's good graces so if you are interested in this option please see our Full Service Link Removals page for more details.

Need Assistance?

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We can provide varying levels of assistance to help you in removing bad backlinks pointing to your site.

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It's official, our request has been considered, and the Google Search Quality Team has deemed us within the quality guideline. Hooray! Thanks everyone, this was a lot of work and only could have been done so well with the incredible analysis from Tripp and all the help from Virante.

This task seemed impossible before your insight and consultation, Jake, Diana and Tripp. Virante is an awesome company to work with!

Sean Lindsey, Co-CEO @Cybo Company

I've been part of the industry that offers online services to people for almost 6 years now. One thing I've constantly noticed is that the online products are not always perfect or they don't seamlessly run as expected. Still, Remove'em manages to get really close to perfection, if not through their service, then through their awesome and incredibly fast support team. Even if there's something you can do yourself, if you feel it's too much, just ask the friendly team for help and be sure that your problem will get solved.

No script-based answers, no general replies, the support team members take the time to establish a personal connection with every client. Your service is great but you guys are awesome!

Roxana S.

Our site received a partial manual penalty from Google, and it was affecting our keyword rankings, traffic, and caused a decrease in sales. Ranking well in the search engines is important to us as we get almost all of our sales online. I didn't have the time to deal with it, so I hired Remove'em to do the link analysis and help us with the process.

The team at Remove'em went above and beyond to help us remove the bad links and still keep good links in place. Remove'em got our penalty removed and our site is in compliance with Google.

Brad Borst, President

I want to be sure and share with you the very positive experience I had with Remove'em provides a total program for helping people faced with a manual penalty and needs a way to clean up their back link profile. Their program makes this difficult task simple and very manageable.

Their system is fully functional and easy to use. I have had a very positive experience with using it and also with their support team that was always right there to help in a very timely, responsive and professional manner. I recommend them to anyone who needs help with backlink removal.

Robert Mauer, @MalibuHorizon

I tried to fix the manual penalty on my own though Google Webmaster Tools. I had too many links that were needing to be removed and really couldn't handle it on my own. Remove'em offered me a self-serve package that was not only the cheapest option out there, but also had real people to help me with any problems or questions I had. Within a few weeks of using them, I was able to use their templates to contact web sites and other webmasters to remove my links. After I removed the links, I was able to create a clean and organized plan to get back on Google's search, and was able to be listed again successfully. Thanks Remove'em!"

John Ostrowski, Owner @CrispyKicks

My experience with Remove'Em was fantastic! After receiving a Google penalty for "unnatural links" our search rankings were decimated. As this represented 33% of our web traffic, we were in a panic. We chose Remove'Em based on advice from friends as well as excellent online feedback. We found the tool outstanding in helping us: 1) Analyze our most problematic links. 2). Automate removal request emails to the hundreds of webmaster contacts. 3). Generate reports to support our Reconsideration Request. While the software was great, the support provided by the people at Virante was what really made the difference. With their guidance, our penalty was lifted and our organic traffic has returned. Between the time we saved via the automation tools and the enormous value of our web traffic returning, I would estimate a 25x return on our investment in the Remove'Em service."

Casey Holloran, Owner @VacationsCostaRica

This tool lets me provide new, high-demand services to my existing clients - it's a nobrainer for any agency seeking to increase revenue and improve client rankings."

Garrett French, Owner @CitationLabs

Thanks and great tool! I have already gained immediate value from your tool. Crazy, but your tool has shown me the underbelly of web spam and negative SEO that I had no clue was there. Open Site Explorer sure as hell doesn't show this stuff so kudos to you guys! I admit that in late-2007 I bought 20-25 blog post links (in content links) but that was 4+ years ago and that's been it on the paid links front. "

Scott G

I've tried removing links myself, and I've tried competing services. Remove'em got the job done in a third of the time. "

Affiliate Marketer

We developed the Remove'em service to fulfill an internal need at our own SEO company. Using Remove'em has made it possible for our SEO Analysts to remove over 1 million links so far in 2012..."

Russ Jones, CTO @Virante.