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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Remove'em?

We are frequently asked what makes Remove'em better than our competitors, and there a many reasons. In fact, we have dedicated a page highlighting just a few of the reasons why you should choose Remove'em. Aside from the fact that Remove'em was shortlisted for a US Search Award for Innovation, our amazing customer support, our team of dedicated experts, being backed by a renowned search marketing firm, etc., Remove'em has powerful features that are most effective at helping customers remove bad links and obtain successful reconsideration requests!

What is Suspicious Anchor Text?

We get this question all the time. We use a proprietary algorithm to find suspicious, valuable anchor text that doesn't look navigational or branded. Once we determine a percentage out of a sample of your data, we apply that across your entire link profile to give you an estimate. It is just an estimate! You almost definitely do not need to remove all of these links, but it does show that there are some that might not pass Google's more stringent tests!

How Does it Work?

The self-serve option follows the simple steps outlined here. For in-depth detail on how to use the service, we've also put together a video demonstration here. If you would like more information on how to use it, we have a handy how-to guide here.

How Much Does it Cost?

The Remove'em self-serve service is provided at multiple pricing tiers, please refer to the pricing page for details. After you have purchased the tool for 10 domains, or are in need of the service for more than 10 domains, you can contact us for agency pricing. You can manage each of your purchased Remove'em domains under a single account. The Remove'em full-serve service is priced based upon the number, type, and contact availability of links requested.

Why Do I Need to Remove Links?

If you have used SEO services in the past, you need to audit your links for quality. Google has very specific guidelines regarding acquiring links. In many cases, SEO companies will skirt these guidelines without telling their clients. Google is getting better and better at detecting these types of links and penalizing sites who have benefited from them.

My Site is Not Penalized, Do I still Need to Remove Links?

In most cases it is in your best interest to remove bad links from your link profile, even if you have not been penalized. The reconsideration request process can takes weeks or longer. If you only have a handful to remove, you can do this on your own.

How Many Links do I have to Remove?

There is no clear number, but we have found for a reconsideration request to be successful you need to attempt to remove any and all backlinks that were acquired in order to improve your search rankings. While Google doesn't expect you to be able to remove all links, they do expect you to at least try.

What Links do I have to Remove?

Google's Webmaster Guidelines are quite clear. If you acquired a link for the primary purpose of improving your search rankings, you need to attempt to remove it. This means comments, forum signatures, article syndication, directories, paid links, etc. A good rule of thumb is this: if the link text is a keyword you want to rank for, you probably need to remove it.

How Long Does it Take to be Reconsidered?

In our experience, it can take from weeks to months. Google's backlog for handling reconsideration requests is quite long. For this reason, it is in your best interest to be as thorough as possible before filing your reconsideration request. Being told that you need to remove more links is never fun.

What if I Didn't Acquire the Links?

If you are the victim of negative SEO, you should bring this to Google's attention. However, you cannot play ignorant with what your SEO firm did on your behalf. Google expects you to clean up the links even if you were not aware of the exact actions your SEO firm, employee, or outsourced service was taking.

Why Don't I Have Contact Information For All Webmasters?

This process takes time. The Remove'em tool will continuously search for contact information and update your account when new email addresses and contact pages are found.

Do You Accept E-Checks?

No. While this is subject to change, we currently accept PayPal payment only. Feel free to contact Jake at for inquiries on other forms of payment.

How Do I Acquire Coupon Codes for Remove'em?

There are a couple ways of attaining a coupon code for Remove'em. First, upon signing up, you can click the 'Send a Tweet' button to get $25 off. You can also contact Jake at for a coupon code.

Should I Remove All Links That Remove'em Shows Me?

Yes. All links that come back (after filtering for branded anchors) likely would not pass Google's stringent tests and are considered potentially harmful to your domain. These links should be (or attempted to be) removed before any reconsideration attempts.

Why Can't I Contact Multiple Webmasters At Once?

Sending out multiple emails with the same message at once could be viewed as Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE), also known as SPAM. SPAM is frowned upon by most everyone who is not a spammer.

Why Are There More Links in Google Webmaster Tools (or another service) Than In Remove'em?

The totals shown by Remove'em is based upon the number of unique linking domains, not based upon the number of unique links. As such, the number in Remove'em will never match the number in Google Webmaster Tools and many other services. For example, you may have one linking domain in GWT that has 5,000 links, and our tool views it as 1 unique linking domain with multiple links. This is intentionally done so you do not contact that single webmaster 5,000 times to remove a link, but instead contact him one time with a request to remove all links.

What Is The Refund Policy For Remove'em?

You may cancel your subscription within 48 hours of purchasing. However, if you have contacted over 10% of the linking domains (hosts) in an account or a download of information has been performed within the 48 hour window, you will be ineligible for a refund. Please contact us via support with any questions.

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It's official, our request has been considered, and the Google Search Quality Team has deemed us within the quality guideline. Hooray! Thanks everyone, this was a lot of work and only could have been done so well with the incredible analysis from Tripp and all the help from Virante.

This task seemed impossible before your insight and consultation, Jake, Diana and Tripp. Virante is an awesome company to work with!

Sean Lindsey, Co-CEO @Cybo Company

I've been part of the industry that offers online services to people for almost 6 years now. One thing I've constantly noticed is that the online products are not always perfect or they don't seamlessly run as expected. Still, Remove'em manages to get really close to perfection, if not through their service, then through their awesome and incredibly fast support team. Even if there's something you can do yourself, if you feel it's too much, just ask the friendly team for help and be sure that your problem will get solved.

No script-based answers, no general replies, the support team members take the time to establish a personal connection with every client. Your service is great but you guys are awesome!

Roxana S.

Our site received a partial manual penalty from Google, and it was affecting our keyword rankings, traffic, and caused a decrease in sales. Ranking well in the search engines is important to us as we get almost all of our sales online. I didn't have the time to deal with it, so I hired Remove'em to do the link analysis and help us with the process.

The team at Remove'em went above and beyond to help us remove the bad links and still keep good links in place. Remove'em got our penalty removed and our site is in compliance with Google.

Brad Borst, President

I want to be sure and share with you the very positive experience I had with Remove'em provides a total program for helping people faced with a manual penalty and needs a way to clean up their back link profile. Their program makes this difficult task simple and very manageable.

Their system is fully functional and easy to use. I have had a very positive experience with using it and also with their support team that was always right there to help in a very timely, responsive and professional manner. I recommend them to anyone who needs help with backlink removal.

Robert Mauer, @MalibuHorizon

I tried to fix the manual penalty on my own though Google Webmaster Tools. I had too many links that were needing to be removed and really couldn't handle it on my own. Remove'em offered me a self-serve package that was not only the cheapest option out there, but also had real people to help me with any problems or questions I had. Within a few weeks of using them, I was able to use their templates to contact web sites and other webmasters to remove my links. After I removed the links, I was able to create a clean and organized plan to get back on Google's search, and was able to be listed again successfully. Thanks Remove'em!"

John Ostrowski, Owner @CrispyKicks

My experience with Remove'Em was fantastic! After receiving a Google penalty for "unnatural links" our search rankings were decimated. As this represented 33% of our web traffic, we were in a panic. We chose Remove'Em based on advice from friends as well as excellent online feedback. We found the tool outstanding in helping us: 1) Analyze our most problematic links. 2). Automate removal request emails to the hundreds of webmaster contacts. 3). Generate reports to support our Reconsideration Request. While the software was great, the support provided by the people at Virante was what really made the difference. With their guidance, our penalty was lifted and our organic traffic has returned. Between the time we saved via the automation tools and the enormous value of our web traffic returning, I would estimate a 25x return on our investment in the Remove'Em service."

Casey Holloran, Owner @VacationsCostaRica

This tool lets me provide new, high-demand services to my existing clients - it's a nobrainer for any agency seeking to increase revenue and improve client rankings."

Garrett French, Owner @CitationLabs

Thanks and great tool! I have already gained immediate value from your tool. Crazy, but your tool has shown me the underbelly of web spam and negative SEO that I had no clue was there. Open Site Explorer sure as hell doesn't show this stuff so kudos to you guys! I admit that in late-2007 I bought 20-25 blog post links (in content links) but that was 4+ years ago and that's been it on the paid links front. "

Scott G

I've tried removing links myself, and I've tried competing services. Remove'em got the job done in a third of the time. "

Affiliate Marketer

We developed the Remove'em service to fulfill an internal need at our own SEO company. Using Remove'em has made it possible for our SEO Analysts to remove over 1 million links so far in 2012..."

Russ Jones, CTO @Virante.