Do you have anchor text over optimization issues?

This tool is used to identify your anchor text diversity and highlight those areas where you are at risk for anchor text over optimization. If you find that you are over optimized for specific keywords or keyword phrases, you should consider modifying the anchor text of specific links to focus more on your brand or remove backlinks that are using that specific anchor text.

Below is the anchor text break down for

We have provided values for root domains (unique linking domain), total links (unique links), and mozRank (authority measurement) for each anchor text used in links to your site. Items highlighted in pink are moderately over optimized and those in red are strongly over optimized. Bear in mind that if you are highly optimized for your own brand terms, it is a good thing. You should be most concerned if valuable keywords are over optimized. Over-optimization can sometimes result in your site being penalized algorithmically for that specific anchor text.

#Anchor TextRoot
1erectile on demand reviews40%50%-00.5%
2what erectile dysfunction40%50%-00.5%
3erectile tissue definition40%50%-00.5%
4cheapest erectile dysfunction40%50%-00.5%
5erectile stimulation treatment40%50%-00.5%
6erectile health news40%50%-00.5%
7erectile examination40%50%-00.5%
8treating erectile dysfunction without drugs40%60%-00.5%
10erectile fissure40%50%-00.5%
11erectile therapy40%50%-00.5%
12tens 7000 erectile dysfunction40%50%-00.5%
13what erectile dysfunction drug works best40%50%-00.5%
14male erectile complex40%40%-00.5%
15erectile functioning40%40%-00.5%
16best erectile medicine40%40%-00.5%
17erectile on demand pdf40%40%-00.5%
18do erectile sprays work40%40%-00.5%
19erectile prosthetic40%40%-00.5%
20ich möchte weiter40%40%-00.5%
21erectile disf40%40%-00.5%
22erectile booster40%40%-00.5%
23erectile medicine40%40%-00.5%
24erectile remedies40%40%-00.5%
26antidepressant without erectile dysfunction40%60%-00.5%
27is erectile dysfunction common in older men50%50%-00.5%
28buy erectile dysfunction pills online india50%50%-00.5%
29is erectile dysfunction a symptom of diabetes50%50%-00.5%
30which erectile dysfunction drugs cost more40%240%-00.5%
32how erectile dysfunction affects men50%50%-00.5%
33top male erectile pill50%50%-00.5%
34online erectile dysfunction prescription50%60%-00.5%
35erectile function trial offers in sarasota fl50%60%-00.5%
37erectile muscle50%50%-00.5%
39compare erectile dysfunction medicines40%110%-00.5%
40erectile male dysfunction40%70%-00.5%
41can erectile dysfunction be temporary40%70%-00.5%
42erectile aids for men40%60%-00.5%
43top erectile dysfunction supplements40%60%-00.5%
44icd 10 erectile40%70%-00.5%
45can erectile dysfunction be hereditary40%80%-00.5%
46how erectile dysfunction affects women40%110%-00.5%
47erectile prescription pills40%100%-00.5%
48improve erectile dysfunction40%100%-00.5%
49erectile disorder40%90%-00.5%
50erectile pills in canada40%40%-00.5%
51erectile remedies for men40%40%-00.5%
52erectile vitamins30%40%-00.5%
53ed pills online30%40%-00.5%
54best erectile drug30%40%-00.5%
55erectile tissue in the nose30%40%-00.5%
56fermer la frame de notation30%40%-00.5%
57erectile function clinic in san antonio30%50%-00.5%
58can erectile dysfunction be cured30%50%-00.5%
59erectile treatment30%50%-00.5%
60erectile on demand scam30%50%-00.5%
61muse for erectile dysfunction30%50%-00.5%
62cerrar cuadro de calificación30%50%-00.5%
63erectile disorder mayo clinic30%40%-00.5%
64erectile rehabilitation therapy30%40%-00.5%
66ed medication30%30%-00.5%
67erectile herbs30%30%-00.5%
68erectile shots30%30%-00.5%
70is erectile dysfunction a chronic condition30%40%-00.5%
71is erectile dysfunction treatable30%40%-00.5%
72erectile function magnesium vitamin k30%40%-00.5%
73best erectile dysfunction natural remedies30%40%-00.5%
74is erectile dysfunction caused by diabetes30%40%-00.5%
76erectile supplements30%60%-00.5%
77is erectile dysfunction a disability40%40%-00.5%
78how erectile dysfunction drugs work40%40%-00.5%
79can erectile dysfunction be corrected40%40%-00.5%
80which erectile dysfunction drug is best40%40%-00.5%
82is erectile dysfunction hereditary40%40%-00.5%
83erectile restoration centers llc40%40%-00.5%
84erectile vacuum pump video40%40%-00.5%
86erectiledysfunctionpillscvs com40%40%-00.5%
87fast erectile dysfunction drugs40%40%-00.5%
88url :
90erectile implants video30%80%-00.5%
91what cause erectile dysfunction30%70%-00.5%
92erectile organ30%60%-00.5%
93erectile hopeless30%60%-00.5%
94does erectile dysfunction go away30%90%-00.5%
95men with erectile dysfunction30%90%-00.5%
98erectile issues30%90%-00.5%
99erectile enhancement products30%90%-00.5%
100erectile linked diabetes50%60%-00.5%
102buy erectile dysfunction meds online481%1371%-00.5%
103erectile dysfunction remedies491%1081%-00.5%
104erectile dysfunction treatment481%1141%-00.5%
105best ed drugs471%13927%-00.5%
106cheap ed drugs461%4933%-00.5%
107erection pills491%1211%-00.5%
108ed drugs501%1301%-00.5%
109erectile pills521%1131%-00.5%
110erectile dysfunction medications511%1631%-00.5%
111erectile pills canada501%1511%-00.5%
112new drugs for ed501%1341%-00.5%
113herbs for erectile dysfunction451%1331%-00.5%
114new ed drugs441%1091%-00.5%
116solutions to erectile dysfunction361%840%-00.5%
118erectile doctor memphis tn130%130%-00.5%
119buy erectile dysfunction medications online381%1331%-00.5%
120erectile pills without a doctor prescription391%850%-00.5%
121buy erectile dysfunction pills431%900%-00.5%
122cheapest ed drugs421%1071%-00.5%
124buy erectile dysfunction pills online401%1021%-00.5%
125best erectile dysfunction drug521%1281%-00.5%
126top erectile dysfunction pills531%1191%-00.5%
127best erectile dysfunction pill1704%3002%-00.5%
128cheap erectile dysfunction pills online1734%3822%-00.5%
129erection pills online1583%3992%-00.5%
130no anchor1343%2832%-00.5%
132top erection pills1814%4943%-00.5%
133erectile dysfunction remedies over counter1884%3072%-00.5%
135erectile dysfunction pills2195%5643%-00.5%
136best erectile dysfunction pills1924%271315%-00.5%
137best erectile dysfunction medication1894%4322%-00.5%
138erectile enhancement pills802%2351%-00.5%
139erectile dysfunction pill scvs701%219212%-00.5%
140ed drugs over the counter551%4142%-00.5%
141ed drugs generic551%1171%-00.5%
142erectile dysfunction531%1571%-00.5%
143best erectile pills531%1241%-00.5%
144erectile dysfunction drugs571%1571%-00.5%
145help with erectile dysfunction581%1231%-00.5%
146ed drugs list601%1411%-00.5%
147erectile pills over the counter601%1191%-00.5%
148best drugs for ed591%1961%-00.5%
150erectile tissue location110%110%-00.5%
152fix erectile dysfunction without drugs60%80%-00.5%
153ed meds60%80%-00.5%
154erectile pain60%70%-00.5%
155click here60%60%-00.5%
156erectile gel60%60%-00.5%
157erectile failure60%90%-00.5%
158erectile curve60%120%-00.5%
159ed pills60%1571%-00.5%
160erectile exercises video60%210%-00.5%
161erectile stamina60%180%-00.5%
162which erectile dysfunction pill is best60%130%-00.5%
163get a array 060%60%-00.5%
164erectile creams for men60%60%-00.5%
165what erectile dysfunction solution works best50%90%-00.5%
166erectile discharge50%80%-00.5%
167erectile help massage50%80%-00.5%
168erectile pills without side effects50%70%-00.5%
169erectile booster method book50%90%-00.5%
171is erectile dysfunction life threatening60%60%-00.5%
172erectile specialist50%1541%-00.5%
173are erectile disorder coverage under aca50%220%-00.5%
174erectile vacuum50%120%-00.5%
175erectile dysfunction causes70%70%-00.5%
177is erectile dysfunction a va disability80%860%-00.5%
180erection pills viagra online80%160%-00.5%
181buy erection pills80%130%-00.5%
184erectile means100%130%-00.5%
188mens ed pills80%90%-00.5%
190erectile dysfunction drug70%90%-00.5%
191erectile dysfunction natural remedies70%90%-00.5%
192erection pills online viagra70%80%-00.5%
193back injury erectile dysfunction70%80%-00.5%
194erectile com70%90%-00.5%
195can erectile dysfunction be cured naturally70%100%-00.5%
197treat erectile dysfunction without drugs70%120%-00.5%
199herbal erection pills70%100%-00.5%

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